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The following resources will be used by hospitals for support in acclimating to Atrezzo, the provider portal that will be used for the Inpatient Psychiatric Utilization Review and Authorization process.

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Atrezzo Provider Portal Training Resources

“Atrezzo” is the name of Kepro’s provider portal, which is used by hospitals to submit utilization review requests. These case requests serve as notification of admission and will allow medical records to be received, stored, and transmitted electronically in compliance with HIPAA and other confidentiality laws.

Counties will use the provider portal to view case requests, along with all submitted documentation to process approved requests.

If you are a hospital who needs to submit a notification of admission for one of the counties who have already gone live with us, please use the provided Admission Notification Fax Form, along with submitting a request to register your organization within the Atrezzo provider portal. Available under the Module 1 Live training section.

Module 1 Live Training

Module 1: Atrezzo Account Registration and Administrator Role Training Sessions

The objective of this training session is to setup your organizations account within the Atrezzo Provider Portal by walking step-by-step through the Administrator Registration process. This will include how to manage users within your Atrezzo account.

Who Should Attend: This session will be for the individual designated by each organization, who will be responsible for creating the Atrezzo account for their organization, as well as any identified admin users who will be allowed to add, edit, and remove users within Atrezzo.

If you are going to be the main point of contact for your organization, click the link below to send an email requesting a Module 1 training.

Module 2 Live Training

Module 2: Request Submission Training Sessions

The objective of this 60-minute training session is to demonstrate how to submit a prior authorization request, upload supporting clinical documentation and viewing determination letters. The session will also demonstrate how to send and receive messages directly in the provider portal.

Who Should Attend: This session is for all hospital users who will have access to the Atrezzo Provider Portal to submit and review authorization requests and clinical documents. Hospitals may identify more than one person as an Atrezzo user and multiple staff may attend this training. Please feel free to forward this email to the staff that you want to attend this training.

Click one of the buttons below to register for your preferred date and time for the Module 2 session. 

Upcoming Training:

Tue, Oct 4 @ 1:30 PM PT

Thur, Oct 6 @ 1:30 PM PT

Tue, Oct 11 @ 1:30 PM PT

Thur, Oct 13 @ 1:30 PM PT






Atrezzo Enhancement Updates

Find video walk throughs of the provider portal enhancements, by date:

  • 8/1/2022 - Enhanced Help Menu Options


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  • 7/15/2022 - Enhanced UM Case Display View & Options


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